NCNGT Welcome email

Dear NCNGT participants,


We are very excited to be starting up in just three days- we have 80+ fantastic talks recorded across 8 topic groups, a variety of live office hours, coffee breaks, and problem sessions scheduled, and what we hope will be an active mathematical conversation ongoing via the comment section! More details below:



In our experience, one of the most valuable aspects of the conference experience, especially for graduate students, is meeting other people interested in the same ideas. To facilitate this in our online setting, we encourage all participants to briefly introduce themselves here  and say a little bit about their mathematical interests.



We are primarily asychronous, so you can watch our pre-recorded talks whenever you like during the conference! This talks page is the central reference for all our talks. Clicking on the title of a mini-session will take you to its page. These currently just have titles and abstracts and as of Monday will also have videos. In addition, each of these pages has a comment sections which the speakers and organizers will be checking regularly, and which will serve as the central discussion/ questions location for the conference. Commenting is restricted to registered users (like you!), though they can be viewed by anyone- please remember to be professional, friendly, and welcoming. If at any point you see inappropriate behavior or experience harassment, please get in contact with either the relevant topic group organizers (listed on the main page) or the conference organizers (Martin Bobb and Allison Miller), and we will intervene as soon as possible. 


Live events:

We have a variety of live events scheduled (see here for a calendar and listing by group), all of which will be run via Zoom. We will email the links and passwords out on a daily basis, so e.g. Monday's three events will be sent out Sunday night.


Office hours:

These live events, hosted by our speakers, are intended for graduate students to get face time with the speakers and dig into some of the details of their talks. If you are not a graduate student, you are welcome to attend these office hours, as long as you give priority to any students who are present. We also encourage all conference attendees to reach out to other participants to discuss research and learn new things.


“See” you soon!



The NCNGT organizers (aka Allison N. Miller and Martin Bobb)


P.S. Please add our email ( to your address book to ensure you receive future emails!