Conference topics

Floer theory and low-dimensional topology: Matthew Stoffregen (MIT) and Linh Truong (IAS).

  • Connections to contact and symplectic geometry:
    • Kyle Hayden (Columbia University)
    • Diana Hubbard (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
    • Mike Wong (Louisiana State University)
  • Gauge theory:
    • Aliakbar Daemi (Washington University in St Louis)
    • Zhenkun Li (MIT)
    • Ikshu Neithalath (UCLA)
    • Chris Scaduto (University of Miami)
  • Heegaard Floer homology:
    • Irving Dai (MIT)
    • Katherine Raoux (Michigan State University)
    • Ian Zemke (Princeton University)

The write-up from the joint problem session with `Investigating the L-space conjecture' and 'Knots, surfaces, and 4-manifolds' is here!

Geometric group theory: Lvzhou (Joe) Chen (University of Chicago).

 Geometric representation theory:  Florian Stecker (UT Austin).

Hyperbolic geometry and manifolds: James Farre (Yale University).

  • Curves and Surfaces:
    • Francisco Arana Herrera (Stanford),
    • Aaron Calderon (Yale University)
    • Andrew Yarmola (Princeton)
  • Arithmetic Manifolds:
    • Michelle Chu (University of Illinois Chicago)
    • Nicholas Miller (University of California Berkeley)
    • Irene Pasquinelli (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Paris)
  • Triangulations and Complexity:
    • Lvzhou (Joe) Chen (University of Chicago)
    • Michael Landry (Washington University)
    • William Worden (Rice University)
  • Volume:
    • José Andrés Rodriguez Migueles (University of Helsinki)
    • Franco Vargas Pallete (Yale University)
    • Gabriele Viaggi (University of Heidelberg)

Investigating the L-space conjecture: Jonathan Johnson (UT Austin), Siddhi Krishna (Boston College), and Hannah Turner (UT Austin).

The write-up from the joint problem session with `Floer theory and low-dimensional topology' and 'Knots, surfaces, and 4-manifolds' is here!

Knots, surfaces, and 4-manifolds: Maggie Miller (Princeton University) and JungHwan Park (Georgia Tech).

The write-up from the joint problem session with `Floer theory and low-dimensional topology' and `Investigating the L-space conjecture' is here!

 Moduli spaces of surfaces: Jane Wang (Indiana University).

  • Spaces of translation surfaces:
    • Paul Apisa (Yale University)
    • Ben Dozier (Stony Brook University)
    • Anja Randecker (Heidelberg University)
  • Billiards and dilation surfaces:
    • Diana Davis (Swarthmore College)
    • Selim Ghazouani (University of Warwick)
    • Chandrika Sadanand (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)
  • Curves, paths, and counting:
    • Eduard Duryev (Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu in Paris)
    • Didac Martinez-Granado (Indiana University Bloomington)
    • Anthony Sanchez (University of Washington Seattle)
    • Sunrose Thapa Shrestha (Tufts University)

Quantum invariants and low-dimensional topology: Carmen Caprau (Fresno State) and Christine Ruey Shan Lee (University of South Alabama).

  • New quantum invariants and other connections:
    • Elaina Aceves (University of Iowa)
    • Dionne Ibarra (George Washington University)
    • Calvin McPhail-Snyder (University of California-Berkeley)
    • Roland van der Veen (University of Groningen)
  • Link homologies and categorification:
    • Nicolle Gonzalez (University of California-Los Angeles)
    • Matthew Hogancamp (Northeastern University)
    • Gage Martin (Boston College)
    • Michael Willis (University of California-Los Angeles)
  • Hyperbolic volume and volume conjecture:
    • Thomas Kindred (University of Nebraska at Lincoln)
    • Sanjay Kumar (Michigan State University)
    • Ka Ho Wong (Texas A & M University)
  • Computational approaches:
    • Rachel Marie Harris (Texas Tech University)
    • Jesse Levitt (University of Southern California)

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